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Special applications

In addition to our wide range of conventional welding machines, we offer a variety of devices for special applications: electric butt welding guns for steel or non-ferrous metal wires, battery-operated butt welding guns or machines for fine steel wires, both for use in difficult to reach workspaces. Electric butt welding machines for welding wires in a coil radius, so that prior straightening of the ends to be welded is not required, are also available.

We also offer butt welding machines for flat material, both steel and copper, as well as roller seam welding machines or point welding guns for welding reinforcement strips for cable production.

Welding machines for special steel profile wires, equipped with various annealing devices depending on material quality, are also available. We can create special designs for custom applications, based on the technical and physical requirements at the place of usage. We provide butt welding machines for an extremely wide range of materials.

Please let us know what your needs are - we'll find the solution!

Product examples

Type SZ 2 LNV

Machine Finder

Butt welding machine, particularly useful for applications with limited space

Welding ranges (wire)
Steel0.8 - 3.5 mm Ø
Copper0.8 - 2.5 mm Ø
Aluminium 1.0 - 3.5 mm Ø

Type PZ 4

Machine Finder

Butt welding machine, particularly useful for flat materials

Welding ranges
Steel0.10 - 1.00 mm
Copper0.08 - 0.25 mm
Aluminium0.20 - 0.50 mm
Maximum width100 mm

Type BSZ

Machine Finder

Battery-operated welding machine, no mains connection required

Welding ranges
Steel0.3 - 1.4 mm Ø


Machine Finder

Double upset butt welding machine with automatic flash removal, also available in custom versions for special space requirements or materials

Welding ranges
Steel8 - 30 mm Ø

Type 3A Vertical

Machine Finder

Butt welding machine for welding suspended wire coils in the coil radius

Welding ranges
Steel8 - 20 mm Ø

Type LSZ 1

Machine Finder

Strand welding tongs

Welding ranges
Steel0.08 - 1.50 mm²