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Welcome to STRECKER

Why buy a machine from the market leader?

There are many good reasons for a STRECKER welding machine:

  • The best quality – with a very long service life
  • Manufactured 100% in Germany
  • 5-year STRECKER warranty
  • Compact structural shapes
  • Very good price to performance ratio
  • Up-to-date welding and annealing controls (FPC, V20, etc.)
  •

For over 85 years, AUGUST STRECKER GmbH & Co. KG has been a specialist in the development and production of butt welding machines for almost any application in the wire and cable industry.

Our product range includes machines for butt welding solid wires, flat conductors, rings, chain links, stranded wires and conductors as well as special parts:

  • Mechanical butt welding machines for the wire industry
  • Pneumatic butt welding machines for the wire and cable industry in the areas of individual part manufacturing and of series production of special parts
  • Hydraulic butt welding machines with automatic deflashing for the wire and cable industry as well as for special applications which make very high demands on weld quality and reproducibility.
  • Stranded wire welding machines and tongs for the cable industry
  • Steel cable welding machines for the steel cable production or processing industries
  • Steel cord welding machines and tongs for automotive tire manufacturers
  • Cold welding machines for the wire industry
  • Special machines as well as customer-specific solutions

We can weld any metal which is considered to be weldable. The most frequently requested materials include steel alloys as well aluminium and copper alloys.