Steel Cable Welding and cutting machines for steel cable

Welding machines for steel cable of from 0.5 to 17 mm Ø.

STRECKER offers a comprehensive range of steel cable welding machines and parting guns from the SC, TZ and SS series.

The range includes special machines for steel cable in the ASG version of the types 0 to 1a-ASG, 2a-ASG, S20-ASG, SS40-ASG, electric parting guns, types TZ / TZ4 as well as battery parting guns, type BTZ. STRECKER steel cable welding machines ensure precise and repeatable steel cable welding (flash - welding - annealing).

Depending on the application, these are manually, pneumatically or hydraulically operated devices with a wide range of accessory options specifically for steel cable.

After starting the welding process, the two ends are welded together by the current which then flows and the upset force which is applied. Optionally, preheating is carried out to achieve an optimal temperature profile.

Operation of STRECKER welding machines is easy to learn. They meet the highest standards of convenience and ergonomics. The compact and robust machine design with intuitive operator guidance is designed for industrial use in production.

Parting guns and battery parting guns are optimized for daily use in production. They enable precise separation processes in which each individual wire in the separation plane is connected while retaining the same diameter. The basis for trouble-free further processing.

Every day, thousands of STRECKER welding machines are used worldwide to produce precise and repeatable butt welds.


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