Our History More than 90 years serving the
wire and cable industry


90 years after the founding of AUGUST STRECKER GmbH & Co. KG in Düsseldorf on the Rhine, the anniversary is now being celebrated in Limburg.


Our managing director of many years, Mr. Rainer Stock, passed away. With Rainer Stock, the company loses a significant personality who was instrumental in successfully guiding the development and continuity of the company for more than six decades. Mr. Stock had an intense connection to the company right until his final days and was an example and role model for us all on a daily basis.


Michael Stock takes over the majority stake in the company.


SmartWelding is presented at WIRE 2020. The machines are given a new design in terms of form and colour. The V30 replaces the successful V20 welding and annealing control.


At the beginning of the decade, the production area in the Limburg plant is adapted and enlarged to meet modern requirements. The hydraulic and control concept of the larger welding machines (MS, SS and MK series) is fundamentally modernized. The STRECKER - FULL PARAMETER CONTROL (FPC) operating concept is introduced already in 2010 and in the following years it is extended to include welding data acquisition.

Also starting in 2010, STRECKER expands its welding transformer technology portfolio: Three-phase DC welding power sources as well as medium-frequency technology become available to customers as alternatives and enable welding of Cu stranded conductors of up to 2,500 mm². As of 2019, the company management is in the trusted hands of Rainer and Michael Stock.

2008 & 2009

The V20 programmable welding and annealing control is delivered for the first time in 2008. In 2009, a milestone in welding machine technology is presented with the type SS80 Vertical.


In summer of 2007, Michael Stock and his brother acquire the majority stake in the company from the Grube family. Both have solid backgrounds as industrial mechanics or diplomaed mechanical engineers and already possess several years of management experience in the industry.

Together in the leadership of the company, Stock junior and senior ensure the continued stable, healthy and long-term growth of the company and can rest assured of the complete support of all its employees.


Mrs Annemarie Grube, managing partner of many years, dies at the age of 90. Starting at the beginning of the 2000s, the number of machines produced annually rises continuously. Strecker is known as a partner to many notable companies in the wire and cable industry and as a reliable supplier whose range also includes customized welding machines.


The beginning of the 90’s marks the start of the trend towards vertical welding machines with the types 3 a/b. In 1991, the V3 welding controller is introduced. In the mid-90s, Mrs Grube withdraws from active management of the company. Rainer Stock is the key contact for our customers and employees.

His years of experience, profound understanding of mechanical engineering and knowledge of the specific requirements of our customers in the wire and cable industry are a substantial factor in ensuring the company's success. From 1998, the previous versions V1, V2 and V3 are replaced with the presentation of the new V12 welding and annealing control.


From 1985, the cold welding machine series is successfully introduced to the market with the types KS3, KS5 and KS10. Horst Hanisch and Rainer Stock are appointed as managing directors in 1986. In the 1980s, the MK series significantly increases the maximum welding range for aluminium and copper underground cables.

In 1988, special machines and special steel cord machines such as the type 0-SC are launched on the market. The first battery-powered parting guns of type BTZ are introduced in 1989.


After the sudden death of Kurt Grube in 1969, his wife, Annemarie Grube, takes over management of the company. For more than 25 years, she leads the company, enjoying great success, together with the two authorized officers, Horst Hanisch and Rainer Stock.

The new administration building is constructed and the customer base is expanded. Participation in various worldwide trade fairs since the beginning of the seventies.


Since 1943, the company has been based in Limburg/Lahn. Mr Grube took over sole directorship of the company in 1945. Mr Grube shaped the enterprise decisively. In 1952, the company moves to the current premises at Jahnstrasse 5 and facilities are expanded, the company enjoys strong growth and the range of machines is greatly enhanced, including the special designs, type 4a/b/c.

At the end of the 1950s, the first double butt welding machine is developed, built and delivered. From 1962, the mass welding machines of the S series (S6-fu /S6-pn) and later the S100-PN are added to the extensive product portfolio. In 1966, Strecker introduces the flash butt welding machines, types ASM30/60.


The company AUGUST STRECKER GmbH & Co KG is founded in 1933 in Düsseldorf on the Rhine. While August Strecker was in charge of the commercial management, Dipl.-Ing. Kurt Grube designed the welding equipment. The first patent was registered already in the founding year. The basis of our product range of radially guided resistance butt welding machines.

Rainer Stock, Portrait August Strecker KG.

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